“It is not possible to lead the energy sector without understanding the socio-political context. A global vision is needed, because energy is a sector without frontiers”

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Ciberseguridad sector energético

The challenges of cybersecurity in the energy sector

The rollout of solutions associated with the advances made in information and communications technology (ICT) has allowed processes of companies to be optimised and new interrelationship channels to be opened with all stakeholders, bringing with it numerous advantages. At the same time, ICT has led to an increase in the level of exposure to cybersecurity […]

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Mobility Week, a way to promote the transport of the future

‘Sharing gets you further’. This was the slogan chosen to celebrate European Mobility Week 2017 (EMS) that took place all over Europe from 16 – 22 September (in Madrid, the Town Hall extended its activities until 24 September). Mobility Week should be seen as a springboard to promote a great leap towards the future. A […]

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Índices de sostenibilidad

Sustainability indices, an indicator of business management

Companies have the opportunity to create value for society. Caring about the sustainability of companies is not only a matter of social interest; it is an essential value for economic growth and the future prospects of companies. Through sustainability indices it is possible to demonstrate the responsible management of companies. For this reason, it has […]

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