“It is not possible to lead the energy sector without understanding the socio-political context. A global vision is needed, because energy is a sector without frontiers”

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Acuerdo de París

Can the targets set under the Paris Agreement be met?

Can the targets set under the Paris Agreement be met? Yes. Of course they can. What is more, they can and they must be met. Yesterday, 22 April, was Earth Day. In relation to this subject, the media tend to report more bad new than good. However, meeting the targets set by the Paris Agreement […]

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Transición Energética

Energy transition: an ambitious but necessary challenge

Europe aims to lead energy transition in the world in order to advance towards a low-carbon economy. The first step was the political commitment established at the European Council on 23 and 24 October 2014, when a series of ambitious targets were set that have not been easy to achieve. They require effort, work and […]

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International Women’s Day: a gap we cannot afford

70% of Spanish men aged 20 to 64 have a job; among women, this figure drops to 59%; the gender employment gap is 11 percentage points. Spanish women perform an average of 25 hours per week of unremunerated work (particularly household chores); men average 12 hours. Spanish women earn an average of 14.9% less per […]

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