“It is not possible to lead the energy sector without understanding the socio-political context. A global vision is needed, because energy is a sector without frontiers”

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2017: a good year for the Spanish gas sector

The start of the new year is a good time to look to the future and take stock of the year we have left behind. We intend to perform a realistic analysis in order to verify whether the targets set for the year have been met, or even surpassed. The gas sector in Spain had […]

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energia transicion energetica

Reliable energy for the energy transition

Natural gas, one of the most environmentally friendly sources of energy, will play an important role on the road towards a low carbon economy. This transition process will – it must be said – take some time as storage technology must still be improved so that a more reliable energy, and at more competitive prices […]

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The role companies have in transforming society

Companies have a great deal of influence in society as creators of jobs, wealth and development. In the last of these aspects, their actions exceed the economic dimension and transcend into other areas, including the social dimension. Each organisation defines for itself a specific mission and values, which go beyond profitability. As a general rule, […]

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