“It is not possible to lead the energy sector without understanding the socio-political context. A global vision is needed, because energy is a sector without frontiers”

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Hydrogen, the energy of the future or of the present?

We've been hearing about the enormous potential of hydrogen for decades. Fatih Birol, Director of the International Energy Agency, told an inside joke in an article published in the Financial Times, that hydrogen is the fuel of the future... and it always will be.

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Climate change: from “inconvenient truth” to global emergency

At this stage in the game, there is enough evidence and scientific studies that prove an already unquestionable reality: climate change is real. The temperature of our planet is rising at an unsustainable rate that could have a severe impact on the life of the people. . This is damaging wildlife populations and seriously affecting […]

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Time to bet for Europe’s future

Today, on 9 May, we are celebrating Europe Day, the anniversary of the historic declaration made by Schuman, the French Foreign Minister who in 1950 proposed a new way of cooperating that would prevent the break out of another world war. He laid the foundations for the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), starting point […]

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