“It is not possible to lead the energy sector without understanding the socio-political context. A global vision is needed, because energy is a sector without frontiers”

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It’s “time for action” on climate, beyond COP25

We are only days away from the entry into force of the Paris Agreement, which will replace the famous Kyoto Protocol in January. Its approval four years ago was a triumph of multilateralism and turned COP21, held in the French capital, into a historic climate summit. The COP25 conference, chaired by Chile and held in […]

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Female entrepreneurs: there are role models, but a lack of visibility

Today, we celebrate international Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, a commemoration established by the United Nations five years ago with the aim of bringing recognition to women entrepreneurs around the world. The presence of women in the entrepreneurial picture is increasing, although it remains relatively smaller than that of men. In the specific case of Spain, and […]

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Do androids dream of a 100% electric future?

Science fiction devotees and film buffs will have spotted that I borrowed the title of my post from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, a novel published in 1968 by Philip K. Dick, and adapted by Ridley Scott for his iconic film Blade Runner (1982). This past weekend, I read – in the Spanish newspaper […]

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